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Well, what can I say other than you guys are awesome!

I usually keep my holiday to a minimum, being self employed and what-not, but when Mrs.WMGT decided she wanted to move to Vancouver for 6 months it put me in a tricky spot. I don’t accrue holidays in my job so there was only one thing to do, take you all with me for a month, obviously!

You never know how something like this is going to go and, understandably, some students decided to stop their lessons until I was back on damp, British ground. But the majority of you said “What the heck! Let’s go to Canada!”.

Well… not literally… The flights would be extortionate! But thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and his wonderful internet we continued guitar lessons via Skype – Vancouver to the UK.

Check out one of my students set up for the lessons! Epic!
Skype guitar lesson

What an adventure it was. Not just Vancouver but to work completely remotely. I’m not going to lie finishing work at 2pm (around 9pm back in Blightly) was definitely a benefit, and with a very generous Airbnb host who lent me an acoustic I continued lessons with great internet and happy pupils.

I have been working on printable guitar lesson whilst I was out there and by the last week realised that I had enough content to trial it to my remote students. So after putting some feelers out to see if they would be interested I provided my first ever self taught guitar lessons at a discounted rate. By the sounds of it they went down great!

So not only did I take Wayne McMillen Guitar Tuition remote for a month but I also tested out some new business avenues and my students got guitar lessons from across the globe with some incredible backdrops and got to be the first to try out some brand new material.

tl;dr All in all an incredible trip that once again couldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for my AMAZING and supportive students, you guys rock in every sense of the word!

Here are a few shots of Vancouver, I highly recommend you go visit… and continue your guitar lessons via Skype!

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