Still not sure about a few things? Hopefully this FAQs page will have all the answers but if not then send me an email.

How often should I have lessons?

Most people have a 30 minute or hour lesson a week in a regular time slot making it easier to get into a routine. Saying that you can always have more if you want a booster lesson or if you are on shift work, we can try and slot you in as and when you are available but I cannot guarantee a slot for you on a weekly basis.

How much are lessons?

Lesson prices are as follows:

  • Preston/Penwortham Lessons • £15 per 30 mins
  • Skype Lessons • £15 per 30 mins

Where are you based?

My studio is in my home in Penwortham, just from the bottom of Fishergate Hill in Preston with excellent transport links. Please see my contacts page for address details.

What if I’ve never picked up a guitar before?

Not a problem, I often teach people who are complete beginners. We can discuss what you are looking for in your free trial lesson and take it from there.

Do I have to own a guitar?

No. I have spare guitars you can use in the lesson. It is preferable for you to eventually buy one though, as you wont be able to practice at home and get the most out of your lessons.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes, just visit the gift voucher page and complete the form. I will then get back to you to organise payment and as soon as it is received your voucher will be sent to you, It’s as easy as that!

What guitar should I buy?

This comes down to your musical taste and preference, ie. Acoustic/Electric. Feel free to get in touch and explain what you’re looking for, or ask in a music shop what they recommend.

Do I have to read music?

Not really. It all depends on what you want to do with your guitar playing. Many guitarist use tablature to read which is much more simple but I can teach notation too.

I’m pretty advanced but still want to learn more, can you cater for that?

It depends on your skill level. I recommend you come in for the free trial lesson and we’ll assess if lessons from me would be beneficial. With years of experience in playing and theory it is rare that I never have anything to teach.

Do you teach gradings?

I teach all gradings for modern guitar but these are completely optional if you’re not interested. The grading syllabi I tend to use are RGT and Rockschool.

Can I sit in the lessons with my child?

Not a problem. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lesson with their child at all times or until the child is happy on their own.