Buying your first electric guitar is simple enough, you like the look, you like the sound and price is good. You get it home ready to have a play and you realise there are so many elements you may not have even considered like what do those dials do, why can I turn this etc…. Read more »

Video games are a small passion on mine and the other day I stumbled upon this incredible show Video Games Live on Sky Arts 1. This epic show is a symphony of well known and beloved video game music like Halo, Mario, Zelda, Guitar Hero, warcraft, Sonic etc. Due to be hitting Europe in April… Read more »

So the big day will soon be upon us where those of us with a better half have to lay on the romance and sweep the other off their feet. That can get quite pricey! Never fear I am here to save the day with some free printable cards to lavish on your Mr or… Read more »

Love is in the air so why not treat your better half with a taster of the rock star life they dream of? Lessons can be 30 minutes or 1 hour, once a week for 4 weeks covering the basics for beginners or expanding knowledge for the more experienced. A guitar can be provided and… Read more »

To deck out your computer why not spice it up with some guitar based awesomeness? You can find the links to the wallpapers below. No.1 from (along with a load more awesome ones!) No.2, No.3 and No.4 from And here’s a whole selection from Have fun guys…

Many of my pupils are either already in, or are starting to get involved in bands. This is awesome, and it also gives me a great deal of satisfaction as their teacher to see them making that progression. However, one thing which I cannot stress enough is the importance of using ear protection. As a… Read more » This video is fantastic and shows it’s not just rock or country that you can play on a guitar with enough time and practice you can work out anything! Ewan Dobson, the player in this video, is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist who is actually diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. You can find out more about him… Read more »

Ever wondered how they create swirl effect guitars? Well this video reveals all. If you fancy trying it yourself you could follow this walkthrough from I hold no responsibility for the results though! More specific instructions below these. Prepare the guitar for dipping. Remove the strings of the guitar and remove the body from… Read more »

Unfortunately Santa didn’t bring me any Wampler pedals for Christmas but there’s always next year! In the mean time I’ll just watch the video and dream that they’re making all of these for me…