Skeptical about Skype lessons?

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One of the best things to happen to my profession in recent times is acquiring the ability to extend my reach from my local geographical area to basically anywhere in the world. Teaching via platforms like Skype and google hangouts has become a large part of my week and has allowed me not only to… Read more »

Want to progress? Just turn up…

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I’m not talking about volume here, and I’m actually not talking about guitar lessons either although that can obviously help. I’m talking about just ‘turning up’ and getting the work done. There’s no big secret and you don’t need to be a natural. I recently took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and despite basically a lifetime… Read more »

How to use Periscope as a guitarist

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Periscope for guitarists

So I discover the latest app the other week that seems to be taking social media by storm. Periscope. Periscope has just surpassed 10 Million users in it’s first 4 months and is now averaging 40 years of video views in one day! This app links to your twitter account and lets you live stream… Read more »

Top 5 Guitar fails!

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Guitar fails

Playing guitar is cool. It’s true. We all know it. But sometimes guitarists can get it all so very, very wrong which unfortunately, with their over the top showmanship and bravado just makes it so much more entertaining. So without further a due here are a few failings from fellow musicians… 1. Guitar Swing Why… Read more »

Free Valentines’ day printables

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So the big day will soon be upon us where those of us with a better half have to lay on the romance and sweep the other off their feet. That can get quite pricey! Never fear I am here to save the day with some free printable cards to lavish on your Mr or… Read more »

Free guitar desktop wallpapers

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To deck out your computer why not spice it up with some guitar based awesomeness? You can find the links to the wallpapers below. No.1 from (along with a load more awesome ones!) No.2, No.3 and No.4 from And here’s a whole selection from Have fun guys…