Stacey McClean and Wayne McMillen

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I was recently asked to play for former S-club Junior/S-club 8 singer Stacey McClean.
In her early teens, Stacey was performing with her group on a massive arena tour around the UK in support of S-club 7, the group after which they were formed and named. They then went on to have a successful career in their own right over the next 5 years.

We performed at the ‘Blackpool Rocks’ event that took place in Blackpool Tower on the 20th December 2014. The event was largely dance music orientated and centred in the 6000 capacity ballroom with several smaller rooms around the venue offering different styles of music and acts, not my usual gig! Stacey and I performed on the live music stage on the top floor.

A lot of the material she asked me to learn was of a dance/pop sort of genre but she wanted a more acoustic and jazzy feel for the set, which was a new challenge for me. It went well and Stacey seemed to enjoy it and were both keen to work together again.

Stacey McClean is lovely, a great singer, very professional and so easy to work with. Couple those things with playing in such a cool venue as Blackpool Tower and you’ll understand why I had an absolute blast.

A very cool way to end my year ☺

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