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One of the best things to happen to my profession in recent times is acquiring the ability to extend my reach from my local geographical area to basically anywhere in the world.
Teaching via platforms like Skype and google hangouts has become a large part of my week and has allowed me not only to gain new pupils from all over the world, but also to continue teaching existing pupils who have moved away due to university for example.
It’s also a great way to maintain learning when a pupil cannot physically get to their normal lesson for whatever reason. You even get to learn in the comfort of your own home without having to travel or even leave the couch!

As good as all of this is, there are plenty of people who are generally unsure of learning this way and would much prefer to be physically present at lessons. Whilst this is a position that I can understand, my experience is that my pupils thoroughly enjoy learning this way and I don’t recall a single instance of anyone feeling like their Skype lessons had not lived up to lessons in person.

Of course, you don’t need to take my word for this. Below, are a few testimonials by pupils of mine who have started off by learning with me in person and for whatever reason, have then transitioned to learning via Skype.


I have been learning guitar with Wayne for about 6 months now and couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I began having lessons whilst living in Preston however moved to London in September to study and since have been having Skype lessons. I was initially unsure of how this would work but knew that I was keen to continue having lessons with Wayne. My main concerns were that it would not be easy to play together over Skype and that it would be difficult to see exactly what he was doing and be able to clarify things. It has actually been great and I feel like I am still really improving despite not going in person. Wayne is always prepared for my lesson and has chord sheets etc ready for me in advance. He also sends videos to back up the lessons which are really useful and provide a good reference when needed. The Skype lessons are so convenient for me and they fit in well with my busy schedule.


I Initially started learning with Wayne through weekly lessons in person. However this became difficult so we decided to move over to Skype lessons every week instead. This was excellent as it meant we were able to continue the lessons without any draw backs to the detail of the learning. We have been doing this for about a year now and I have not found any problems as I am able to continue the great lessons with Wayne and I am able to continue learning guitar.


The guitar lessons provided over Skype are intuitive and engaging. They allow me to progress my playing skills through demonstration of part of a song, and then a copying exercise or working through sheet music and being shown how to play parts correctly and then attempting them myself. The lessons also include theory and are taught in depth and in an easy to understand method and are clearly explained when concepts are not understood.
They are engaging and fun as they are tailored to your ability and preferences of teaching and music.

If you are still in some doubt, don’t forget that I do a free half hour trial lesson with no obligation to continue if it’s not for you.

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