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Halloween is pretty awesome although living up 3 floors in a flat means the amount of trick or treaters is significantly reduced to 0. Despite the lack of little visitors me and the mrs still went all out pumpkin carving and dressing the studio up to as spooky as she could manage (although she did jump at the fake spiders that she put up herself a few times!) and finally I put some candy out for all my students which went down a treat, excuse the pun!

So without further a due here are some spooky Halloween guitar lessons found on Youtube to get you in the halloween mood. I’ve shared these incase you fancy trying them on your own at home but if you fancy learning them or any other spooky song in lesson just let me know, they’re always a crowd pleaser this time of year!

General creepy sounds and more

Scooby Do

The addams family

Evil evil umpa?

Simple Monster Mash

Happy Halloween!

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