5 Halloween guitar lesson videos

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Halloween is pretty awesome although living up 3 floors in a flat means the amount of trick or treaters is significantly reduced to 0. Despite the lack of little visitors me and the mrs still went all out pumpkin carving and dressing the studio up to as spooky as she could manage (although she did… Read more »

Free lesson – The Byzantine scale

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If you’re looking for something more unique sounding in your playing, give the Byzantine or Double harmonic scale a go! The scale has a very Arabic feel and lends itself well to that sort of eastern phrasing that my pupils might hear me throwing into my improvisation quite regularly. The formula for the scale is… Read more »

The anatomy of an electric guitar

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Buying your first electric guitar is simple enough, you like the look, you like the sound and price is good. You get it home ready to have a play and you realise there are so many elements you may not have even considered like what do those dials do, why can I turn this etc…. Read more »

How to create swirl effects on your guitar

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Ever wondered how they create swirl effect guitars? Well this video reveals all. If you fancy trying it yourself you could follow this walkthrough from ehow.com. I hold no responsibility for the results though! More specific instructions below these. Prepare the guitar for dipping. Remove the strings of the guitar and remove the body from… Read more »