Guitar fails

Playing guitar is cool. It’s true. We all know it. But sometimes guitarists can get it all so very, very wrong which unfortunately, with their over the top showmanship and bravado just makes it so much more entertaining. So without further a due here are a few failings from fellow musicians… 1. Guitar Swing Why… Read more »


Happy 2014 everyone! I hope all potential and current students had a great festive season and are ready to take on 2014 with both hands! I wanted to write to you all of 2 reasons: The first is just to thank everyone for their custom in 2013. Last year was really successful with a fantastic… Read more »

playing guitar live

Last weekend I supported the amazing Jes Stretton in Eden Bar, Manchester and it got me thinking of the rules of a support guitarist and the dos and don’ts. Supporting another artist is a great way to increase your exposure even if you’re not in the spot light and it’s a great way to get… Read more »

For those that may not know Paramore are a band originating from Tennessee, USA. With their first album released in 2005 they sky rocketed into stardom with songs like ‘Pressure’ from their first album All We Know Is Falling, ‘Misery Business’ from the second album Riot!, ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ from Brand New Eyes and… Read more »

A few weeks ago I, once again, paid a visit to the beautiful Toneworld in Manchester (Yes, its becoming quite the habit). They were hosting a free demonstration evening focussing on the DV Mark multiamp. The host for the evening was none other than UK shred master Andy James, of whom I am a pretty… Read more »

If you’re looking for something more unique sounding in your playing, give the Byzantine or Double harmonic scale a go! The scale has a very Arabic feel and lends itself well to that sort of eastern phrasing that my pupils might hear me throwing into my improvisation quite regularly. The formula for the scale is… Read more »

It is finally here the WM gift card. Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines, Bar Mitzvah or simply just to show someone you’re thinking of them these gift cards are a prefect way to show you care. Made out for either a specific lesson or cash amount with a large section to leave… Read more »