So, as my students know, I use a number of printed sheets in lessons to write up songs, chords and fret positions. It means my students can take away practice material without me scribbling out everything on a spare bit of paper which would barely be legible and definitely wouldn’t be straight! I’ve found them… Read more »

Plectrum maker

****This competition is now closed but thank you all your testimonials.**** Are you or your child a current or even a previous student? Fancy winning a plectrum maker worth £24 like the one featured on Top 10 Christmas gifts for guitarists? You can turn old loyalty cards etc into plectrums in seconds saving you £££s…. Read more »

Stacey McClean and Wayne McMillen

I was recently asked to play for former S-club Junior/S-club 8 singer Stacey McClean. In her early teens, Stacey was performing with her group on a massive arena tour around the UK in support of S-club 7, the group after which they were formed and named. They then went on to have a successful career… Read more »

buying a guitar

I’d be intrigued to know what the actual figures are but I’d have a guess that a large percent of first guitar purchases happen around this time of year; whether it’s a Christmas present for someone who has always said they wanted to take it up or a New Years resolution. Either way buying a… Read more »

Christmas dates

Hi everyone. It’s coming to that time again when I take a well deserved break (if I do say so myself), eat too much and play a years worth of video games. I’m talking obviously about the Christmas break. This year Christmas holidays are from the 21st December 2014 to the 4th January 2015 meaning… Read more »

guitar string baclet

The festive season is upon us and what better way to show our loved ones we care than by giving them a long list of things we want off them! With that in mind or for anyone search for inspiration for a fellow guitarist heres a list of my top Christmas gifts for guitarists: Plectrum… Read more »

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller, Jack Gardiner

So last weekend was pretty awesome. I got to watch fusion masters Tom Quayle and Martin Miller perform a duo jazz gig in some club I’ve never heard of in Ormskirk for a fiver… Five pounds for an evening watching two players who are at the absolute top of their game, what an absolute pleasure…. Read more »


So some of my older students may have started their guitar lessons in Leyland many moons ago but I am now officially closing down my leyland studio and moving all lessons over to sunny Buckshaw Village. With more room and better equipment this move means your lessons are going to be much more comfortable (and… Read more »

Heather Peace Support gig

As many of you know I have been working with a talented lady called Jes Stretton for some time now. We co-wrote her EP together and I’ve had the privilege of performing a few of her live shows with her. So it all started when Jes entered a competition to win a supporting slot for… Read more »


Halloween is pretty awesome although living up 3 floors in a flat means the amount of trick or treaters is significantly reduced to 0. Despite the lack of little visitors me and the mrs still went all out pumpkin carving and dressing the studio up to as spooky as she could manage (although she did… Read more »