guitar christmas card

I thought you’d all like to see the Christmas cards I had made for my students in 2015. It’s always nice to say thanks to my students for making my job as great as it is and when in doubt use poetry!


When Sam booked a free trial guitar lesson saying he was already quite experienced with his guitar playing I looked forward to the challenge. Sam had been having several lessons recently with different tutors as he was trying to find the right one for him. I was impressed with this as I believe it’s a… Read more »

skype guitar lessons

So earlier this year I began doing Skype guitar lessons as a trial to see if they really could be taught to a good standard over the net. Over 6 months on I have decided to continue Skype guitar lessons and thought I would take the time to point out the benefits and the negatives… Read more »

Periscope for guitarists

So I discover the latest app the other week that seems to be taking social media by storm. Periscope. Periscope has just surpassed 10 Million users in it’s first 4 months and is now averaging 40 years of video views in one day! This app links to your twitter account and lets you live stream… Read more »

viva italia

I’m off to Italy! There will be no lessons from the 23rd of July to the 31st as I venture out to sunnier climes. I will be visiting Rome for a few days and doing those bucket list items – The Vatican, The Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain and down for some R&R in Sorrento where… Read more »

fathers day

With Father’s day coming up quick (21st of June) many of us struggle with the ‘what-do-you-buy-a-man-who-has-everything’ conundrum. Well if your pops is a rocker or even a rocker a heart these gifts might be the ideal way to show you how much you appreciate them! Chord chart card | £2.81 I’m not going to lie… Read more »

lilo playing the guitar

Finding the right guitar lessons for your child can be a daunting task. With so much choice it can be hard to know who to choose, whether it should be in a shop or an independent tutor, whether you would rather home tuition for your child or in a studio, whether the extra cost for… Read more »

Mia the competition winner

Congratulations Mia! A while back you may remember I did a competition to win a plectrum maker for all my guitar students. I got to hear some lovely feedback from my pupils and lucky Mia managed to bag herself the Plectrum maker. As you can see she was very happy with her prize. You can… Read more »

uptown funk

So Jes and I have recently been in the studio again, this time filming some new acoustic video’s. We ended up doing a mash-up of Uptown funk by Mark Ronson and No Scrubs by TLC. Please don’t ask me how that happened because I’m never too sure, but Jes loves doing the mash-up thing and… Read more »


Did you know that our beloved Pentatonic Minor scale can be played in 3 separate positions on the fretboard in any given key? Most of us are familiar with the basic Pentatonic Minor ‘box’ pattern. Its one of the first scales we learn as rock, pop and blues players and is an important part of… Read more »