This is an excerpt taken from a recent clinic I gave in Lancaster a few months back. It’s a fairly simple idea which allows you to move fluently across the strings whilst achieving an odd note grouping sound. Once you’ve got a good grasp of the initial idea, try using it in different areas of… Read more »

One of the best things to happen to my profession in recent times is acquiring the ability to extend my reach from my local geographical area to basically anywhere in the world. Teaching via platforms like Skype and google hangouts has become a large part of my week and has allowed me not only to… Read more »

I’m not talking about volume here, and I’m actually not talking about guitar lessons either although that can obviously help. I’m talking about just ‘turning up’ and getting the work done. There’s no big secret and you don’t need to be a natural. I recently took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and despite basically a lifetime… Read more »

free guitar lesson

As it’s January and we’re all suffering the post Christmas blues I thought I’d give you all a free guitar lesson on the house. It’s just a quick technique for applying vibrato to string bends and helping you be aware of the big mistake many guitarist can fall into. January is a great time to… Read more »

practicing guitar

I want to talk about something that comes up a lot when talking to my pupils about how they feel they are doing with their playing and development. Quite often, people will respond with a relatively negative view of their own progress and may feel that they are struggling in their lessons. My general response… Read more »

Skype lessons from Vancouver

Well, what can I say other than you guys are awesome! I usually keep my holiday to a minimum, being self employed and what-not, but when Mrs.WMGT decided she wanted to move to Vancouver for 6 months it put me in a tricky spot. I don’t accrue holidays in my job so there was only… Read more »

Accepting Apple Pay

I’m happy to announce that we now accept Apple Pay and other contactless payment. I’ve taken card payments in lesson for a while now but with a new techy addition to my studio we are now up to date with payment types. It’s ideal for people who, like many, don’t really carry cash on themselves…. Read more »

Guitar Show 2016

At the end of February I got the opportunity to go to The Guitar Show. The biggest UK guitar show. Based in Birmingham I decided it would be good experience for me as a guitar teacher to see what the latest tech is as well as see some talented musicians doing their thing on best-of-the-best… Read more »


So the time has come. It is official. I am my own boss! I have been self employed for over a decade now teaching guitar but initially, as many music teacher do I started in a music school, Apocco Music in Chorley to be exact. I steady grew my confidence and skills in both playing… Read more »

Penwortham guitar studio

Happy 2016! Last year had been a pretty crazy one with the main change being the house move to Penwortham, just on the outskirts of Preston, from Chorley. The move then gave me a chance to really make a studio that you guys would want to learn in so job number one (even before I… Read more »