The anatomy of an electric guitar

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Buying your first electric guitar is simple enough, you like the look, you like the sound and price is good. You get it home ready to have a play and you realise there are so many elements you may not have even considered like what do those dials do, why can I turn this etc…. Read more »

Video Games Live: A music career dream

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Video games are a small passion on mine and the other day I stumbled upon this incredible show Video Games Live on Sky Arts 1. This epic show is a symphony of well known and beloved video game music like Halo, Mario, Zelda, Guitar Hero, warcraft, Sonic etc. Due to be hitting Europe in April… Read more »

Free Valentines’ day printables

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So the big day will soon be upon us where those of us with a better half have to lay on the romance and sweep the other off their feet. That can get quite pricey! Never fear I am here to save the day with some free printable cards to lavish on your Mr or… Read more »